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Benevo – Pawtato Spinach & Kale Sticks 120g

Made with sweet potato and rice, these fun shaped tubes are ideal for chewing and are filled with spinach and tasty kale. It is a source of fibre for healthy digestion and also contains vitamin C to support your dog's immune system. Only specially selected non-gm sweet potatoes, grown in rich and fertile farmland without the use of pesticides are used.

Benevo Pawtato Knots (150g)

Benevo’s Pawtato Knots are made with 87% sweet potato, a natural super-food, full of nutrients. These knot shaped chews are a great hypoallergenic alternative to rawhide. Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society Approved.

Benevo Rumble Strips (180g)

Benevo Rumble Strips are soft chewy vegan strips with an appetising aroma. Ideal for a reward or a conditioner. They can easily be torn or cut into smaller pieces.