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Alpro – Coconut Milk Barista for Professionals 1L

Alpro Coconut 'For Professionals' is specially formulated for the professional baristas. Coconut adds a subtle flavour and the drink ensures easy workability and high quality microfoam, which allows for great latte art whilst offering a refreshing taste sensation. Alpro Coconut For Professionals' can liven up your menus and is perfect in lattes, smoothies or shakes.

Alpro Professional Soya 1LTR

Soy milk specially blended for coffee. Helps you make the perfect soya cappuccinos and lattes with consistent workability and high quality micro foam.

Nature’s Charm – Condensed Coconut Milk (320g)

A naturally Dairy Free alternative for those who love the taste of Sweetened Condensed Milk. Nature's Charm can be used in any recipe calling for Traditional Sweetened Condensed Milk.

Oatly – Oat Drink – Barista Edition 1L

This is Oatly's super premium product that tastes amazing without doing a thing to it, but performs technically beautifully when foamed.

Oatly – Oat Drink – Chocolate 1L

Every kid’s and adults favourite: chocolate milk — except there’s no milk! Oatly's chocolate oat drink is full of oats instead! Oatly contains protein, carbs and fibres - some healthy fat. It's enriched with calcium and vitamins so the more you drink the healthier you grow. It has natural sugars from oats too.