Our family values are simple, and our message is clear: We are committed to bettering ourselves and, through that, making whatever difference we can to our climate. We do this with compassion for the sake of future generations. We aim to provide alternatives for environmentally and ethically conscious people with special dietary requirements. We believe it’s possible to enjoy luscious food and surround oneself with cruelty-free, sustainable goods without jeopardising the environment. It’s all about taking precautions to lower our carbon footprint in every aspect of daily living.

Like other passionate partners, we’ve decided to bite the bullet and share our love of plant-based and allergen-free foods. My partner and I are true foodies who felt restricted by what we could find in the supermarket. We found we were spending more and more of our weekends shopping around and still not finding everything we needed.


My husband is lactose intolerant and I have been vegetarian since birth. Over the years, I have implemented a vegan diet along with our six-year-old daughter. Our struggles to find food have led to us launching our own virtual supermarket where you can shop for a wide variety of products without having to worry about whether they meet your dietary requirements.

Here’s how it works: You simply pick your favourite foods, or ones that you’d like to explore, without having to spend ages squinting at labels. We’ve done all the checking for you.

Not only have we got your palette covered, we’ve got your pet’s covered too! We also stock a range of ethical cleaning products because, as the saying goes, your house only becomes a home when it’s taken care of.

There’s something for everyone from every background to sample and enjoy, whether you’re making small changes to your normal diet, starting a Meat-Free Monday, or going all out for Veganuary.

So go ahead and take advantage of all your favourite foods and create those delicious meals!

PS. Feel free to send us recipe ideas as well so we can all experiment and create mouth-watering delicious meals which we can share with everyone!